Troy DeSouza – Managing Partner at Dominion GovLaw LLP

Troy DeSouza is nationally known local government lawyer and prosecutor based in British Columbia. With 26 years of legal experience, Troy advises and represents local governments and public authorities throughout the province, frequently appearing in the Provincial Court, the Supreme Court and the B.C. Court of Appeal. Troy is also a highly sought-after speaker and educator on regulatory compliance and enforcement.

Troy earned his law degree from the University of Windsor, where he was honored with the J.W. Whiteside Award for community service. In 2006, Troy was recognized as the Top Lawyer Under 40 on Vancouver Island.

Troy also held a federally appointed quasi-judicial position as a Member of the Military Police Complaints Commission. He chaired the CBA-BC Municipal Lawyers Section. He actively participates in various professional associations and holds an honorary membership in the Local Government Compliance and Enforcement Association of B.C.

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