Rates and Disbursements

Effective: June 19, 2023

Hourly Billing Rates

Troy DeSouza$350.00/hour
Anita Szabo, K.C.$350.00/hour
Alex Mouret$225.00/hour
Sunny Uppal$200.00/hour
Kevin Mitchell$200.00/hour
Articled Student/Legal Process Contractor$150.00/hour

Disbursements (as applicable)

New File OpeningsNo charge
Local Phone/FaxNo charge
Long Distance Phone/Fax$10.00 flat fee/one-time charge
Photocopying/Printing45¢ per black and white copy
95¢ per colour copy
Legal Briefs, Binders and Authorities$10.00 small (under 25 pages)
$20.00 large (over 25 pages)
Third Party Disbursements
(To include but not limited to: filing fees, registry searches, process servers, couriers, outside counsel, rentals, etc.)
At cost

Travel (as applicable)

Travel time½ of hourly rate
Meals (court and travel only)$75.00 per ½ day
$150.00 per full day
Car Rental and fuelAt cost
Mileage (for distances greater than 25 km only)75¢/km