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Provincial Court Municipal Prosecutors: An Alternative to the Provincial Crown

Anita B. Szabo, K.C.

Frustrated with street-level crime not being pursued by Provincial Crown? Tickets having limited effect? Working with GovLaw to conduct an information prosecution may be the solution. These Provincial Court local government prosecutions mandate court appearances by the accused and can result in significant fines and court orders.

A crime reduction strategy using bylaws should be part of every local government’s toolkit. Replacing the Crown with your own municipal prosecutor is part of that solution.

Local governments have reduced crime by applying the proven “Broken Windows” crime reduction strategy. Getting effective compliance orders using information prosecutions instead of the Provincial Court is a key part of that strategy.

The trend towards relieving busy Crown Counsel is clear. Recently, CN Rail won the right to privately prosecute northern BC rail blockade participants.

Why Govlaw?

GovLaw has 20-plus years’ experience managing your prosecutions seamlessly along with the rest of our capable lawyers and support staff. Our team has expanded with an experienced former Crown Prosecutor, Anita B. Szabo, K.C.

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