Prosecutions, including regulations compliance and criminal prosecutions  

Explanation: we assist governments in charging people with offences for not complying with a bylaw and then carrying out that prosecution.  It’s like Crown counsel prosecuting a criminal offence, but it’s not criminal in nature.  

Civil litigation, including:

Statutory and Common Law injunctions

Explanation: We help governments obtain court orders preventing people from continuing certain actions that they refuse to stop doing or to require them to do certain things they refuse to do


Explanation: I literally have no idea what this is–why is it even on our website?  HAHA

Administrative Tribunal Proceedings, including:

Explanation: hearings before panels or decision makers who have been appointed by law to make decisions

Environmental Appeal Board

Explanation: we represent governments who are either appealing or responding to the appeal of a decision made by government officials under the Environmental Management Act

Dangerous Dogs applications

Explanation: we represent local governments and animal control officers who are seeking an order for human euthanization of dogs which are a risk to the public safety


Explanation:  we provide advice to governments who are unhappy with the outcome of their litigation about their likelihood of success on appeal, and we represent governments where they need to respond to appeals commenced by other parties


Compliance Litigation

Explanation: I think we should remove this term–it’s too generic