Anita Szabo, K.C. - Senior Associate at Dominion GovLaw LLP

Anita Szabo has worked as a Provincial Crown Prosecutor, in-house counsel for the RCMP, and taught law full time as an educator.

Anita has conducted regulatory prosecutions for the City of Calgary.  She trained bylaw officers in lawful arrest, reasonable and probable grounds and search and seizure. Anita has also lectured at the University of Calgary.

Anita was a Federal Crown Prosecutions Agent for 14 years with her own firm, Bow Valley Counsel. The firm conducted all federal prosecutions for Canmore, Banff, Airdrie and Cochrane.

Anita was admitted to the Alberta Bar in 1984.  She has practiced criminal and regulatory law for over three decades.  In 2012, Anita’s expertise was recognized when she was awarded the title of King’s Counsel (K.C.). In 2018, Anita was recognized by the Law Society of Alberta for over 30 years of service to the legal profession.

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